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This album is a concept album focusing on the themes of good versus evil, heaven and hell. Many of my past albums have had specific themes built around them such as gender identity or a specific person. I was always fascinated by Goethe's "Faust". I wanted to play with that theme with the current political climate we are in without subscribing to a certain ideology or being too preachy. A common phrase I heard during the election was "a lesser of two evils": These songs have a strong Faustian theme to them.

Musically, it is quite diverse and nothing I've ever done before. I wanted to show my love for dark music: post-punk, goth, industrial, shoegaze, and even some dub reggae.

I chose to release this album on June 7 for a reason. 7/7/17. 777. The number of god. In Hebrew tradition, both numbers 3 and 7 are considered perfect. 777. In Christianity, the Book of Genesis says that God rested on the 7th day and man was created on the 6th day. Aleister Crowley believed it had several meanings including "The Flaming Sword, if the path from Binah to Chesed be taken as = 3.

The primary path of descent is known as the Way of the Lightning, or sometimes the Flaming Sword. It is called the Way of the Lightning because it darts back and forth down the Tree in a zigzag pattern, like the common pictorial representation of a lightning bolt. It is called the Flaming Sword because during the act of creation, the word of God became flesh, and this Word is often depicted as a sword extending from God's mouth. The Word made its way from the highest Sephirah, Kether, to the lowest, Malkuth. The path is the same whether it is called by either title.

Each of the 22 pathways, or more properly channels, that connect the spheres, or Sephiroth, has in the Golden Dawn system of magic a specific Hebrew letter, and each Hebrew letter has its own number value. When the numbers of the Hebrew letters of the pathways traced by the Flaming Sword are added together, they total 777.

Other traditions believe seven the perfect number that holds creation and the universe together. Some people believe just the opposite. That 777 is the sign of bad luck, the sign of the Antichrist.

It was sheer coincidence that the album came to be seven tracks. I was originally intending this to be a 5 track EP, but the universe had other plans.



released July 7, 2017

Aurora Desmond - production, vocals, drums, electronics, guitar, bass, six-string bass, programming, sound design.

Photo by Jay Burke




Of Mermaids

Of Mermaids is the recording project of Aurora Desmond

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Track Name: Rise
off your knees
and float
in the trees

Pray to the
unholy trinity
Track Name: Threat to Society
I'm nothing but a threat to society

I bet you never
thought it'd come to this

I wanna see the world go to shit
I wanna see everything
you built crumble down
We're all just faking it,
everything as we know it
Why can't you admit it?

I'm nothing but a threat to society

I bet you never
thought you'd come to this

We spoon feed
our figureheads greed
They strangle us
with their creed
Vicious dogma
will bight you
if you don't agree

I'm nothing but a threat to society

I bet you'd never
though you'd come to this

Everything we ever knew
Is coming to an end
Everything as we know
Will burn
Everything we've come to know
Your families, your memories,
your churches, your ministries
will burn

I'm nothing but a threat to society

I bet you'd never
though you'd come to this
Track Name: Juniper
With your broken eyes
and your crooked smile,
light the candle stick,
watch the flame's desire.
You flicker and hold
as reader's pass you by,
watch the shadows shake
as the stars go by.

When you came
into my life
I was pulled in
buy your eyes.
Now because of you
I'm overreaching
my desire.

Pull the threads
that move your wings,
I've taught you to fly
of emeralds and
all the lakes.
There's no time to
be blind.
I know the mistakes
that your bring,
even angels
are prone to sin.
Crush the dirt
that you bathe in.

Track Name: Blood Money
Transaction by death
shake hands with the dead
Images of children
you killed
haunt your dreams
Power and money
is what you come for
You will let us all bleed

Murder by numbers
is your specialty
You whitewash
your tracks clean
Your resume
would make
a serial killer scream

You will let us all bleed
Track Name: Howl
Why do I hear the dogs howl,
they salivate through
my lungs
eyes all echoing
I breathe through my mouth

I know you keep on running
I know you keep on running
this devil's been chasing you

Eyes all on me
like a fire burning wild
I try to sit you down
next to me,
why don't you lay
next to me

I know you keep on running
I know you keep on running
this devil's been chasing you